Put A Dent In Your Sales Goals.

Dent Champs has always looked to stay on the cutting edge of technology solutions, especially when it comes to auto dealerships—and we value developing unique partnerships when it makes sense. So, we’re proud to introduce Dent Champs Media, a small arm of our main company that delivers a robust, yet efficient, marketing platform for social/digital advertising, including Dynam- ic Facebook Inventory Ads.

Using this platform, we can generate THOUSANDS of highly-targeted In-Market VDP Clicks to your website, typically for $1 (or less) each. We know it sounds crazy, but it’s true. Plus, these don’t have to be ordinary, run-of-the-mill VDP Clicks.


We can help you strategically target very specific & valuable in-market prospects:

– In-Market Vehicle Buyers for your MAKES & MODELS
– In-Market Buyers of 110+ COMPETITIVE MODELS
– Consumers In Valuable CREDIT TIERS
– PRE-OWNED BUYERS that fit your live inventory
– Vehicle Buyers looking in specific PRICE RANGES
– And many more options!

This is cool technology but it’s not something many deal- erships have the manpower or expertise to make happen properly. In addition, we’re just better at it than you, especially when it comes to campaign strategy and

reporting. The good news is your best-in-class option is also more than likely your least expensive option: Dent Champs Media.

We’ll start with a simple trial run using three campaigns, to make sure everything’s running properly and what metrics/costs to expect with your rooftop’s product mix. Dent Champs Media will then present test results and recommendations. And you provide the green light to accelerate efforts from there.



of Dynamic Facebook Inventory Ads. ONLY $750/month TO START!

*Conditions Apply. Call or email for details.

Let’s discuss how our Facebook Ads solution compares to your current one—or why you aren’t using this tremendous marketing vehicle yet. Give us a call or drop us a line to see how big of dent we can help put in your sales goals this year. Contact Us >